The Philippne Cultural Centre

Come one, come all! The Philippine Cultural Center Foundation (Calgary) will hold its 10th Anniversary Celebration through dinner and dance on May 28,2011 at the Sheraton Cavalier Hotel in N.E. Calgary.
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Learn the Filipino language for FREE!!! Registration is open and Classes are held Saturdays. Please contact the PCCF office at (403) 568-9901 or Auring Dacanay at (403) 278-2283.
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March 28, 1994 - The concept of the PCCF, as an agency of CAFFA was introduced by Richard Tumanon, first President of CAFFA to a group of volunteers who later formed the AdHoc Committee.

December 31, 1994 - $50 donation from the Friends of Charity initiated the Foundation's Trust fund.

March 21, 1995 - The application & by-laws of the PCCF were signed by the founding incorporators: Ed Contreras, Danny Serrano, Roger Salas, Ernie Miranda, Richard Tumanon & Erlinda Tumanon.

March 28, 1995 - PCCF was incorporated under the Alberta Society Act.

December 31, 1995 - The Loonie campaign was launched at the CAFFA New Year's Eve Party sponsored by the Filipino Lions club which generated $ 360.50.

April 1996 - First issue of the "Bayanihan" with Kathleen Reyes as First Editor.

February 8, 1997 - Draft of the Constitution & By-laws was completed by the constitution & By-laws Committee composed of Clem Tigley, Richard Tumanon, Rose Geonzon & Maria Belinda Tumanon.

June 13, 1997 - marked the signing of the PCCF Constitution at the CNIB.

November 3, 1997 - Interim Board of Trustees was appointed.

May 31, 1998 - First election of the PCCF Officers and Board of Trustees at Forest Heights Childcare Centre

December 19, 1998 - Final Draw of the first PCCF Raffle held at the Crossroads Hotel.

May 16-17, 1999 - first Casino fundraising held at the Elbow River Inn Casino

March 25, 2000 - First Fundraising Gala Night held at the Sheraton Eau Claire

February 15, 2001 - Possession date of the Philippine Cultural Centre

February 24, 2001 - (2:00 p.m.) Blessing of the Philippine Cultural Centre

February 24 & 25, 2001 - Open House to celebrate the acquisition of our very own cultural centre.

May 26, 2001 - 2nd Fundraising Gala Night held at the Palomino Hall, Calgary Roundup Center Addition.